Monday, January 31, 2011

Reference for The Saloon

Being so close to graduation, I want to take advantage of my Game Modeling elective to make an environment I've wanted to make since I started at the school... a saloon.

For this class, I want to create a modern western bar in Maya that I will later animate putting itself together (assembly). It should be a relatively easy and straight forward piece. I want it to look something like these:

Below are the main ten objects that will make up the inside of the bar. Ten objects are the requirment of the course so in the final model there may be more or less. Essentially my items are whisky and other alcoholic bottles, shot glasses, whisky barrels, cowboy boots, bullhorns, a spittoon, horseshoes, a shotgun, a wagon wheel, some stools, and for lighting some lanterns or western style sconces. Included below are some refernece items of each object.

Whisky Bottles and Shot Glasses:


Whisky Barrels:


Cowboy Boots:

Bull Horns:


Horse Shoe:


Lighting Options:





Wagon Wheels:

We are looking for unique silouettes and fairly simple items to model. Look for more posts soon!

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